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Getting the Point

An important part of all Martial arts is striking of specific areas of the body. In China this is the art of Dian Xue or Dim Mak, in Okinawa it is Kyoshu and in india it is Marma. This is an area of great confusion in the martial arts community. There are those who believe […]


What is Fa Jin?

In Chinese martial arts and their derivatives a great deal of time is spent developing jin (or ging in Cantonese). Jin is quite a simple concept but is often confused and mixed with esoteric aspects of training. Jin refers to a trained or developed power as opposed to a disparate or brutish untrained power which […]


A Brief History of the Lions Roar Martial Art

In these blog posts I hope to cover the historic background of the arts we teach. As the indo-Tibetan art of SiJiHao (Lions Roar!) forms the backbone of our schools syllabus and has a lengthy, fascinating and rich history, I feel this is the best place to start. It should be noted I lent heavily […]


Traditional Chinese Methods of Hand Conditioning

In the previous iron palm article we talked about the rationale for hand conditioning in the context of martial arts and some commonalities in different styles approach to developing the ‘Iron hand‘. In this article I will briefly talk about different methods that various Pai (families) of Chinese martial arts use to develop strong hands […]


Turn your world inside out: The relationship between inner (Nei Gong) and outer skill (Wei Gong)

In Chinese martial arts practises are given two different labels: Inner (Nei Gong) and outer (Wai Gong). In this blog I hope to look at the relationship between these two aspects of training. Wei Gong refers to ‘Outer Skill’, that is skills which are developed via external resistance and are most easily understood by western […]


Bricking It! The Art of Balance

One of the most important aspects of Martial Arts is balance. The late Xing Yi Quan Master Hsu Hong Chi is quoted as saying “If with every step you can hit and yet remain balanced and centred you will win most fights”. Without balance one can neither have a strong rooted posture nor agility. Most people […]


Choosing a Martial Arts School

Often when someone decides to learn martial arts they give little thought about where to study. They pick the first place that comes up on Google or the first leaflet that comes through the door. This is a very bad idea. Martial arts in the UK is a completely unregulated industry. Anyone can put on […]


Iron Palm training: What is it and why do it?

My first experience of Iron Palm (Iron Hand) was in Manchester Chinatown about 20 years ago. I was studying in one of the schools there. Often a number of visiting older kung fu guys popped in to visit the teacher, who was no spring chicken himself. One was an elderly gentleman, quite small. I was […]


Body Mechanics 1 – Basics of The Reverse Punch! Part 2

Key Points On Reverse Punch Part 1 of the article: Overall feel and principles Lets start with the stance. Without a steady ‘rooted’ stance you won’t be able to maximise your power – Imagine punching someone whilst on roller skates! Never lock out your legs, even in extreme ‘training stances’. If either leg is locked out then […]


Body Mechanics 1 – Basics of The Reverse Punch! Part 1

Over the next year I am going to write a series of blogs on applying accurate body mechanics to common techniques that pop up in oriental fighting arts. These articles will only go over some very basic key points; some of you may go down the checklists and say ‘so what’ and ‘of course’. If […]

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