Splashing Hands – Volume 1 & 2

Splashing Hands is an intensive, no-nonsense method focusing on heavy repetition of a few techniques and highly practical fighting...

Splashing Hands – Volume 3

Building on the foundations of Vol 1 & 2, Volume 3 teaches Browns 4-10 and the first essential Splashing Hands form, the 4 Corners.

Splashing Hands – Volume 4 – The Advances

Building on the foundations of Vol 1, 2 and 3, Volume 4 teaches the Advances which are for if you are fighting a more experienced opponent

Tan Tui – The Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting System

Sifu Lomas's comprehensive version of Tan Tui ('Springing Leg') combines the best and most useful elements of several styles of Tan Tui...

Xing Yi Quan Volume 1 & 2 – Five Elements

Sifu Lomas presents his comprehensive knowledge of Xing Yi, learnt from different lineages and combined to give you the most effective...