Banner Cracking

A simple but effective exercise to develop 'Fa Jin' (發勁 Power Generation) with measurable results.

Chinese Medicine

A series of quick and effective Chinese medicine fixes for some acute health problems.

Dao Yin Ruler

The Dao Yin Ruler set of exercises develop your understanding of internal power.

Forearm and Finger Strengthening using Soya Beans

A forearm and finger strengthening exercise that can be incorporated into your Iron Palm training or practised separately.

Fu Hu Gong (Lying Tiger Exercises)

An excellent (but tough!) set of exercises for whole body development and functional strength.

Hung Gar Arrow Hand

Sifu Lomas introduces the Arrow Hand technique from Hung Gar - this version originates is from a pre-Wong Fei Hung lineage but has the same...

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

One of most important of the Taoist Neigong exercises – a breathing, meditation and spiritual practice.

The Shaolin 3 (Kidney Breathing)

A method of hard chi kung conditioning which strengthens the mid-region of the body to be able to withstand blows as well as being highly...

Stance Work

Using a partner to pressure test your stances is an essential method to develop a rooted, strong stance and also develops uprooting skill. ...

Taoist 5 Animals

The Taoist 5 Animals - tortoise, deer, eagle, water buffalo and crane - are concepts used to explain practical elements that can be...

The Taoist Prayer

This breathing exercise strengthens the stomach to be able to take impact and to link the lower and upper body for effective Kung Fu...

Teacup Serving Exercises

These exercises are best known from Cheng style Bagua. They train power, opening the joints of the body and train linked strength...

Tian Gan – Heavenly Stems

These 24 exercises cover all the angles of stand-up fighting, teaching you how to generate power from the foot to the hand.

Zhan Zhuang (Standing Meditation)

Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang) is foundational for developing internal kung fu.