Iron Palm Productions are proud to present the first 2 volumes of Splashing Hands with Sifu Chris Lomas.  In this set you learn the key techniques and the essential hit sequences – ‘Browns’.  This intensive, no-nonsense method focuses on heavy repetition of a few techniques and highly practical fighting combinations until they become second nature.  According to legend Splashing Hands was a fighting system designed to teach the guards of the Shaolin Temple to defend themselves. It utilises relaxed whip-like strikes in fast combinations alongside rapid yet rooted footwork to overcome the opponent.

Watch the excerpts below and you will see the depth and clarity of the information that Sifu Lomas presents.

These two volumes contain:
* 2 hours and 50 minutes of top quality, in-depth teaching
* Introduction about the origins of Splashing Hands
* In-depth explanation of each key technique
* Exercises and Drills to perfect your skills
* How to perform Browns 1-3
* Demonstrations of potential applications of Brown 1-3
* Multi-angle presentation for accurate learning


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