Ba Bu Da – ‘Eight Step Hit’ Kung Fu

Ba Bu Da, literally meaning ‘Eight Step Hit’, teaches you how to generate effective power in a relatively short period of time and,...

Chi Kung – 30 minute FREE COURSE

Covering six key moving Chi Kung Exercises, this Course teaches how to get the most benefit out of this 'Energy Skill' practice.

Kung Fu Fundamentals – FREE COURSE

This course teaches you the foundations of Kung Fu. Everything you learn in Kung Fu is based on the fundamental principles learnt in this...

Stance Work

Using a partner to pressure test your stances is an essential method to develop a rooted, strong stance and also develops uprooting skill. ...

Tian Gan – Heavenly Stems

These 24 exercises cover all the angles of stand-up fighting, teaching you how to generate power from the foot to the hand.