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*with the exception of Developing Jin, The Complete Iron Body Method and The Complete Iron Palm Method.

Iron Palm, Iron Body & Jin Development

51 videos • 132 mins

Conditions all aspects of the hand, increasing bone density, tendon strength and flesh resilience.

21 videos • 76 mins

Withstand powerful strikes whilst making the whole body strong and healthy.

24 videos • 83 mins

A practical, approachable method to learning silk-reeling power or the ability to ‘fa jin.’

Both the iron palm and iron body courses here are the most complete and best explained courses I’ve found over my 17+ years experience of martial arts training.

Phil Moufarrege

Kung Fu Styles

3 Volumes • 2+ hrs

An aggressive, explosive style famous for its short range power and prize-winning fighters.

4 Volumes • 5+ hrs

No-nonsense fighting method with high repetitions of a few techniques and practical fighting combinations.

41 videos • 76 mins

Learn the hidden applications and body development skills behind these 12 famous ‘roads’.

The teaching materials on this website are quite clearly a result of a lifetime of study into the martial arts, with no gap between theory and application.

Dr Cahir Doherty
Registered GP with special interest in acupuncture and musculoskeletal medicine, UK

Chi Kung, Health & Meditation

2 videos • 30 mins

Six key chi kung exercises to improve health longevity and martial skill.


10 videos • 66 mins

Simple, but powerful nei kung practice to develop and maintain good health.

3 Videos • 10 mins

Some quick and effective fixes for acute health problems.


Other Free Courses

23 videos • 68 mins

‘Advanced’ kung fu is just basic kung fu done well.