The Seated Eight-Section Brocade

Powerful nei kung practice to develop and maintain good health.

This is the seated form of the Eight-Section Brocade (八段锦 ‘baduanjin’) from a Taoist lineage, quite different from the more widespread standing version practised in many kung fu syles.

This daily practice warms the body and tonifies the organs and lymphatic system, keeping the body healthy and strong. The whole routine takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and as well as being an excellent standalone practice, elements of the routine can be taken from the system and used effectively in your own training regime.

Sifu Lomas has gradually refined this method for over 15 years and highly recomends it as an effective form of qigong not only to martial artists but to anyone who wishes to maintain a strong and healthy body. No prior training required.

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Duration: 58 minutes

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