Sifu Phillip Starr provides a complete and progressive training regimen for increasing and refining ‘chansijin’, also known as silk-reeling power or coiling power, the true power of the internal martial arts.

While much of the existing material on jin relies on cryptic and mystical descriptions of internal power, Sifu Starr takes a direct, no-nonsense approach that addresses commonly held myths and identifies the real body mechanics behind this unusual power. Useful for novices and advanced practitioners alike.

This 83-minute course accompanies Sifu Starr’s book Developing Jin.

PLUS an additional bonus 60-minute interview with Sifu Starr discussing his training history and lineage.

Available to view online or as a DVD. Watch the first four lessons for free.

Sifu Phillip Starr began studying martial arts in 1956, including judo, Kyokushin karate, Shito-ryu karate, Baixingquan, Bagua Zhang, Tai Chi , Xing Yi Quan, and Filipino arnis. He was the first Kung Fu stylist to become National Champion at the United States Karate Association’s Grand Championships, and was also a two-time winner of the Amateur Athletic Union’s Chinese Martial Arts National Tournament.

He has authored many books on the martial arts:, including The Making Of A Butterfly, Martial Mechanics, Martial Maneuvers, and Hidden Hands and Developing Jin as well as numerous articles for various magazines and e-magazines, including Inside Kung Fu and Truwaza.

In 1991 he was elected as National Chairman for the Chinese Martial Arts Division of the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). Within two years this entity became the largest kung-fu organization in U.S. history. He was subsequently admitted into the Inside Kung-Fu Hall of Fame in 1992.