Iron Body, Iron Shirt, Iron Vest and Golden Bell are all names for similar types of training methods practised by Kung Fu and Taoist practitioners. Having studied numerous Iron Body training methods Sifu Chris Lomas presents a system which combines internal, external, Northern and Southern techniques, and through a combination of chi kung breathing exercises, visualisation and self-hitting, this system strengthens the bone, sinew, muscle and skin, making the body strong and healthy.

Whilst the primary function of this method is to increase health and longevity, a side-effect is the ability to withstand powerful strikes and hence beneifical for martial artists of all kinds as well as people with no interest in combat.

Sifu Chris Lomas is a genuine Iron Body practitioner with over a decade of experience in practicing numerous different methods of Iron Body. Over the years he has gradually refined this method and for the first time presents this unique and fully developed Complete Iron Body Method. You can learn The Complete Iron Body Method without any prior training. Iron Body training should not be undertaken by anyone under eighteen years old.


The 66-minute Course Includes:
* Self-massage
* Building your own beater
* Iron-body-specific Chi Kung
* The Iron Body Routine
* Supplementary Conditioning: shins and forearms
* Different beating materials
* Iron Body Demonstrations

The course is full of vital information and material – we DO NOT use filler.

We DO NOT withold information to try to sell you more ‘levels’ of Iron Body Method but present this Complete Method in its entirety.

All Iron Palm Productions videos are shot with 2 cameras in High Definition by broadcast professionals and have crystal clear sound.

Watch the Introduction and Kidney Massage, Kidney Rubbing, Sucking Up and Deer to see the quality of the teaching.