Ba Bu Da - Eight Step Hit Kung Fu - DVD

Ba Bu Da – Eight Step Hit Kung Fu – DVD


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Iron Palm Productions are proud to present Sifu Chris Lomas’ comprehensive version of Ba Bu Da or ‘Eight Step Hit’. Taught in the famous Yi Zong school in Taiwan by Hung I-Hsiang , it combines old Shaolin practices with Xing Yi Quan and teaches fundamental techniques for generating effective power in a relatively short period of time, and well trained, it gives you techniques to make you a refined, dynamic fighter. There are Eight forms in the system. For each one, Sifu Lomas demonstrates the form, then he breaks it down into footwork and hands, and lastly demonstrates some potential applications.

Here are three excerpts from the DVD for you to look at for free!

This DVD contains
* Introduction about the origins of Ba Bu Da
* Demonstrations of each form
* The purpose and intent behind each move
* Detailed instructions on how to perform each form
* Demonstrations of potential applications of each form
* Multi-angle presentation for accurate learning


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