Splashing Hands Kung Fu - The First Five Animals - 5. Crane

Splashing Hands Kung Fu – The First Five Animals – 5. Crane


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DVD Running Time: 84 minutes.

Here the First 5 Animals of the Splashing Hands system are taught openly for the first time.
Crane is the fifth Animal. The Crane form strengthens you, improves grace, flexibility, rooting, power.
Practising the Crane form lengthens the tendons and sinews. A traditional Chinese saying is that the longer the tendons, the longer one’s life. The form incorporates many kicking techniques and legwork techniques. It also incorporates subtle shifting of the angle to off-set the opponent using changes in one’s balance. The hand replicates the crane’s beak for striking and blocking and the wing for deflecting techniques. When incorporated into the basics of the browns, the sections, the advances, and all the basic square drilling, the crane adds an elusive, arrogant quality to the movements. Each movement should be studied individually and trained individually on one’s own and with a partner so you can can the best out of the set. Sifu Chris Lomas demonstrates the form, breaks the form down into smaller parts to teach the form in detail and finally teaches us potential applications.

According to legend Splashing Hands was a fighting system designed to teach the guards of the Shaolin Temple to defend themselves. It utilises relaxed whip-like strikes in fast combinations alongside rapid yet rooted footwork to overcome the opponent. This intensive, no-nonsense method focuses on heavy repetition of a few techniques and highly practical fighting combinations until they become second nature. You can learn the fundamentals of Splashing Hands in our video course, which you ought to before learning the Animals: Splashing Hands Volumes 1, 2 & 3 which you can buy on DVD here or you can buy immediate access to the online courses click here for Splashing Hands Volume 1 & 2 Online Course and Splashing Hands Volume 3 Online Course here.

Splashing Hands was developed in the 17th century to teach fast powerful fighting skills quickly. Those who knew how effective the system is were reluctant teach this knowledge openly, teaching only a few select students. For this reason the system was never well known. Master Humei Lefiti was the first to openly teach the system in the 1960s. Of his many students very few attained black belt status. One of those students is Sifu James McNeil who taught the complete system of Splashing Hands to Iron Palm Productions very own Sifu Chris Lomas – it is with his permission that we have made this video course.
For the first time, the animal forms will be taught openly.

N.B. Please note, these videos were produced a while ago and are not filmed in High Definition but the teaching material is still as excellent as ever.


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