Tan Tui - The Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting System - DVD

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Tan Tui – The Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting System – DVD


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Iron Palm Productions are proud to present Sifu Chris Lomas’ comprehensive version of Tan Tui (’Springing Leg’), the Northern Shaolin Long Fist System. Sifu Lomas has combined the best and most useful elements of several styles of Tan Tui that he has learned over the years, creating a complete system of combat and body development. His system utilises the most effective variations, teaching numerous different training methods throughout so that after learning all 12 forms you have a full set of techniques for a total fighting system.



Stages of Learning

Demonstration of Form 1 and How to Do It

Applications of Form 1

Through this well-structured DVD box set Sifu Lomas teaches you the 12-line Tan Tui through a demonstration of each form, detailed instructions on how to perform each move and finally instructions on potential applications.

This 2-disc set contains
* Introduction about the origins of Tan Tui
* Demonstrations of each form
* The purpose and intent behind each move
* Detailed instructions on how to perform each form
* Demonstrations of potential applications of each form
* Multi-angle presentation for accurate learning
* Over 20 minutes of Bonus Material


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