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Splashing Hands Kung Fu

According to legend Splashing Hands was a fighting system designed to teach the guards of the Shaolin Temple to defend themselves. It utilises relaxed whip-like strikes in fast combinations alongside rapid yet rooted footwork to overcome the opponent. This intensive, no-nonsense method focuses on heavy repetition of a few techniques and highly practical fighting combinations until they become second nature.

Volumes 1-4

 Takes you from a complete beginner and teach all the foundational movements of this system

51 videos • 170 mins

Introduces the key concepts and essential movements of the style, as well as the first 3 ‘Browns’ which are short combinations of Splashing Hands techniques.

23 videos • 85 mins

Teaches additional footwork, kicks and the rest of the Browns (#4-10), as well as the first essential Splashing Hands form: The Four Corners.

41 videos • 43 mins

The Advances take the concepts learnt in the Browns but build on them.  They assume you are fighting a more competent opponent and will take you Splashing Hands to a higher level.

The Five Animals

Typically only taught to advanced Splashing Hands practitioners.  Please note that these DVDs were produced by another company a while ago and were shot in standard definition. Not currently available as online courses.