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Xing Yi Quan - ‘Shape-Intention Fist’

Sifu Lomas presents his comprehensive knowledge of Xing Yi Quan, learnt from numerous different lineages and combined to give you the most effective training methods.

Xing Yi Quan literally translated means ‘Shape-Intention Fist’, and is characterised by aggressive and explosive power that is most often applied from a short range. Xing Yi simultaneously attacks and defends using coordinated movements to generate bursts of power intended to overwhelm the opponent.

We include Ba Bu Da ‘Eight Step Hit’ forms in this section as it was taught be the legendary XingYiQuan master Hung I-Hsiang as a foundational set to his XingYi students. Although it originates from shaolin, he taught it with a XingYi flavour in order to give students a solid foundation for Xing Yi Quan.

57 videos • 76 mins

The fundamental movements and tactics of this fierce fighting system.

57 videos • 76 mins

Expands on the 5 elements and introduces the animal forms.

57 videos • 76 mins

As taught by famous XingYi Master Hung I-Hsiang. Great fundamental form set for developing XingYi.