Iron Palm Productions produces high quality martial arts training videos presented by Sifu Chris Lomas of the Tao Jia Kung Fu School. We were established to give serious martials artists an opportunity to learn real skills and techniques and to stem the tide of low quality, amateruish martial arts videos promising things such as ‘no-touch knockouts’.

Every video we produce is full of quality information and material – we DO NOT, like some competitors, use filler to make up multi-disc boxed sets so they appear to be better value for money. There are NO bogus claims about how you can use ‘chi’ to overcome your opponents and NO students writhing about on the floor pretending to be hurt by the slightest of touches.

We also sell training tools and medicines which compliment the methods presented on our videos. All our videos are shot with two cameras in high definition by broadcast professionals and have crystal clear sound. View our Courses on a wide range of martial art topics including Iron Palm Training and Iron Body Training.

Sifu Chris Lomas

Sifu Chris Lomas is a senior disciple of American Sifu James W McNeil learning the systems of XingYiQuan (Mind-Shape Boxing), Ma Wei Qi Bagua Zhang, Jian Shou (Splashing Hands), Zimen (Poison Fingers) and XiaoJiuTian. He also learns from Sifu Philip Starr in the Yiliquan system (a comprehensive method blending Northern Shaolin, XingYiQuan, Chang Bagua and Yang Taiji) and in Taoist martial/cultivation arts under Yu Jin Li of the complete reality sect of taoism. He is a full time instructor and maintains an intensive personal practice regime, in addition to conducting classes in Manchester, UK

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